January 24th, 2023


TUL welcomed all project beneficiaries (prof. Mohamed Merroun of the University of Granada, prof. Andrew Cundy of the University of Southampton, prof. Marco Petrangeli Papini of La Sapienza) at CXI TUL on January 24th, 2023.

Dr. Maria Korda,
REA representative
presented the basis of the Twinning programs, rules for project management, reporting, amendments, and other rules related to the sufficient project solution.
Tomas Zitny,
representative of DIAMO s.p.
DIAMO is responsible for all uranium liabilities in the Czech Republic and is willing to participate in the project as an external consultant.
Miroslav Cernik,
the project coordinator
introduced the project as a whole, its objectives, and its main outputs.
Other program

The participating organizations introduced and thoroughly discussed the individual within the project work packages.

In detail, the deliverables and milestones were discussed, and the persons responsible for their achievement were identified. The meeting ends with a discussion on the possibility of submitting joint projects, an essential output of the SURRI project. On the second day, a lab tour of the CXI laboratories took place. The use of individual instruments and the possibility of exchanging samples for experiments and analysis were also discussed.